lunes, 8 de abril de 2013


Les presento una copilacion hermosa para una persona especial.
Imagina que corremos juntos agarrados de la mano hacia la eternidad.
Imagina que somos uno mismo en ese momento.
Imagina que el tiempo se detiene.
Imagina que nada nos separara.
Imagina unir nuestros dos alientos en un suspiro.
Imagina que por siempre estaremos juntos en un abrazo eterno...
19 de Agosto 2000.
                     V.A.HEAVEN A COMPILATION (2013)
01 T21-Paradise
02 The Cure-Plainsong
03 The Frozen Autumn-Rallentears
04 New Order-Temptation '87 (New version)
05 M.Bose-Heaven (LP version)
06 IKON-The absence of colour (Demo version)
07 Icehouse-Great Southernland
08 Rush-Bravado
09 The Stranglers-Skindeep
10 Peter Murphy-Our secret garden
11 The Church-Lost
12 Peter Schilling-Terra Titanic (Long version)
13 INXS-Not enough time
14 New Order-Your silent face
15 T21-The Clencher
Peter Murphy - Our Secret Garden

It seems like a day
A day that I call smooth
When you came into my heart I knew
The love was overflowing
And I say

La la la la la
La la la la la la

The day was so long and the night was still
And you kept coming over
To my hill

I would weep for the day
Without you, all the way
You wanted to be free
And doubt would overflow

Just come running to me

'Cause you knew I'd take you home
Then you came into my heart
We knew for a start

Each word like a book
With your spirit flowing over me, yeah
Don't bother to close your heart

Let's drink honey in the park
Swap hats and go for free
To our secret garden

Ohh, please come with me
Ohh, please come with me
Ohh, please come with me

You wanted to be free
And doubt would overflow
Just come running to me



All these words are not a rescue in my eyes

Never sure about the love deep in your smile

Never sure if I'm right or if I'm wrong.

Never sure about the things which were going on and on

All this love just while you were standing near to me

Never sure about the time you spent with me

I can't stand the way you deal with friends of mine

Never sure if love's not just a waste of time.

Alle these words I try to find to say to you

I can't stand a thousand dreams I dream of you,

While you stand beside me,

While you move into my arms

viernes, 5 de abril de 2013


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